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Food Apps That Were Designed For Impatient Foodies

I am at the point now where I need an app to count my apps. I have probably downloaded about sixty different apps, all designed to “help me live my best life”, of which I actually use three. I always start out with enthusiasm, but it wanes after a few days as I start to realize that “my best life” does not mean constantly inputting information into my smartphone and reading obnoxious alerts. Food apps are especially ubiquitous and needy in their hunger for data inputs and constant updates. Furthermore, only a handful of food apps combine the things I am most concerned about – my health, my diet, and our environment. But, like any impatient foodie, I need all of these weighty concerns aligned and managed in a New York minute – is that too much to ask?! Lucky for all of us impatient foodies, some app companies totally have our number. Here are 9 food apps that are Impatient Foodie tested and approved.


screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-37-23-pmLOCAVORE: Planning meals, making grocery lists, eating healthy, supporting local business —finding the time to DO IT ALL can seem nearly impossible. But with Locavore, it’s made simple. It finds all of your area’s local farmers’ markets (and farms!) that are selling the products you want. It also provides seasonal recipes, making the whole process of more mindful eating and food shopping a lot less overwhelming. Get it now!
Cost: FREE


Eating humanely doesn’t always coincide with the social and fast lifestyles we live. Whether you’re an avid animal rights activist or simply trying to do your part in reducing the carbon footprint, this app helps making conscious efforts simple. It rounds up all the restaurants nearby that offer humanely-raised meat, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Start feeling better about dining out and download hereCost: FREE




THE FOOD STAND:  This app that understands that healthy eating should be the norm, not the exception. With The Food Stand, making mindful food choices is easy. It provides budget-friendly lifestyle tips to eating well and makes it easier for users to eat less processed food, less animal products, more plants. Get it here.  Cost: FREE. 


: The best feature of this app is that besides choosing the desired main ingredient and/or the type of dish you want to make, you can also provide it with how much time you have. Dinner Spinner then provides a bunch of delicious recipes with easy-access to directional videos AND gives you a list of the other ingredients needed for your grocery list. Go get your culinary TIME SAVER!
Cost: FREE

FOODUCATE: This app is the digital equivalent to having a personal nutritionist in your pocket. It makes it easy to choose healthier alternatives and helps to create healthier habits overall. Scan a product’s barcode when grocery shopping and Fooducate provides you with a product’s list of pros + cons, even giving it a nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) How simple is that?! The app also serves as a tracker and knows how to measure the quality of food calories and exercise —not just the quantity. Download hereCost: FREE; Several upgrade options to personalize available, varying in price.



PAPRIKA: This intuitive app lets you save recipes and creates your grocery store list based on the ingredients it calls for. It even organizes them into appropriate categories (produce, dairy, etc.) By generating grocery lists and meal plans based on the recipes you save, this bad boy is the ultimate impatient foodie friendly time saver (which makes up for the fact you do have to buy it). Cost: $4.99



: Use this to make weekly meal planning a breeze. After an easy process of filling out what type of meals you’re in the market for, and listing what ingredients you already have, this app gives you a ton of recipe options. Not only that, but after you pick the ones you want to use, it compiles the grocery list for you. As a bonus, it saves the ingredients you already have in your kitchen for a virtual grocery inventory. Major womp-womp: only available for Android. Cost: FREE (for Android users, that is.) If you don’t have an Android, SUPERCOOK offers almost the same features at CookBrite, though it’s not yet available as an app (one is coming soon!)

HAPPY COW is a similar app that makes finding local vegan or vegetarian restaurants and food stores easy-peasy.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-42-23-pm Download here to get their easy-to-find guide.


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