Worth It Not Worth It

A Worth It Not Worth It For Bagels

Homemade Bagels: Heaven or Hell? 

Baking bread is kind of a bore, and it never really turns out right. I tried making focaccia once and I was so disappointed with the results that I actually got angry.The way that bread baking is depicted online/in food magazines/in cookbooks perfectly encapsulates one of the main reasons that I started Impatient Foodie: The people in the pictures always have a calm, content smile on their faces, when the experience of bread making for almost everyone is exasperating, time consuming, and ultimately not worth it. Sometimes I feel like the pictures vaguely remind of the Virgin Mary looking contentedly over baby Jesus. I feel a little weird saying that, but it’s true.. What do you think? Here is a perfect example (from Getty Images).


I mean, it’s a bit much, isn’t it? Does anyone look like this while they are making bread? (And the rays of sunlight!! PLEASE.)

So anytime I see a recipe for bread (especially when it has the word “easy” attached to it), I tend to roll my eyes and skip ahead. But VICE Munchies’ Homemade Bagels recipe got me excited. I started fantasizing about walking into the office with my own homemade bagels feeling very self-satisfied. Maybe I would even smile at my bagel like it was a Baby Jesus! (I don’t think I would be able to help myself!) So, I decided to embark on a bagel making adventure.

Without going into the weeds on this bagel making process, I am going summarize by saying this: It takes time, but for some reason making bagels does not feel as hard as making other breads. And I swear to God, when you take your first bite into your warm, crunchy bagel, made with your own two hands, you might just fall to your knees and have a religious experience. I was not able to make my bagels as pretty and smooth as the ones I see in the deli, but WHO CARES? Homemade ones are infinitely better in taste and texture. In fact, this bagel recipe spoiled me for life and I have not had a store bought bagel since. Yes, I am now one of those people who gloat about who their homemade whatever is soooo much better. Unapologetically.

Verdict: Worth It.

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